Toe walking is a common practice in kids who have just started walking. Most children don’t do it after growing up around three, while some continue to walk on their toes, and thus parents may need to consult a physician.

What is Toe Walking?

 When a child walks on tip of the toes instead of heels, it is known as toe walking and typically ends around the age of three.

 Causes of toe walking

 Nonetheless, many kids develop it as a habit and for some kids, it is an indication of underlying diseases. Some of the causes of toe walking are given below:

 Achilles Tendon

Children with this problem find it difficult to stretch their legs and thus prefer to walk on toes only.

 Cerebral Palsy

Children suffering from this disease also found it difficult to walk and stand.

 Periventricular Leukomalacia

There is a chance that your child is suffering from nerve damage making it difficult to walk for the child.


Children suffering from Autism generally have problems in walking, speaking and other social delays.

 Diagnosis of Child Toe Walking

Toe walking can easily be diagnosed with the help of a physical examination. In case, doctors find it difficult to diagnose they may use EMG in such cases. For this, affected muscle groups are inserted with thin needles and nerves are inserted into the affected muscle groups or the nerve together with an electrode to measure the electric interest during an EMG. If the toe on the foot is a result of developmental delays, autism or cerebral palsy, the medical doctor may also propose a neurological examination or a developmental assessment to identify the cause. If it is the result of initial days, autism or cerebral palsy, your consultant may recommend a neurological exam or evaluation.

 Treating Toe Walking in a Child

If toe taking walks persists on your toddler beyond the age of three and you are concerned, you can need to get an analysis that may perceive the cause of toe taking walks to your toddler. The right course of therapy and treatment can save you the risk of damage to the joints and muscle groups. The health practitioner, based on the cause of the toe on the foot, may advise the subsequent treatment options in your baby.


Physical therapy

Ankle-foot orthosis

Serial casting


 There are various exercises to help Children Who Walk on tiptoes


Exercises and stretches play a great role in preventing your child from toe-walking, like:

 Calf stretch:

Ask your child to lay back with keeping legs straight, and simultaneously bend both the legs towards his knees.


Achilles tendon stretch:

Bend your child’s knee, and point his toe towards the knee, and hold the position as long as he can tolerate it. Repeat it ten times daily.

 Sit to stand:

Make your child sit on a small chair with feet touching the ground. It slowly stimulates the child to stand.

How to Prevent toe-walking of your Child


Kids lack muscular flexibility, stretching helps them loosen stiff muscles and thus better movement in ankles.

Ankle weights:

These help in lengthening the tendons and help him walk. Only the right-sized weights should be used under the guidance of a therapist.


Shoes with ankle support can help prevent toe walking.

Tactile training:

Walking barefoot on different surfaces also encourage children not to walk on the toe.