15 year old boy with right side Cavovarus Foot Deformity due to neurological issue. He was treated with deformity correction. Now walks with plantigrade foot & excellent functional recovery.

Newborn with bilateral dislocation of knees at birth. Operated with quadriceps release & brace protocol.

14 year old girl with left Cubitus Valgus Deformity . She had lateral condyle fracture in childhood which was untreated & progressed into nonunion with subsequent deformity. Operated for deformity correction with step cut osteotomy & plating.

10 year old girl with bilateral Equinocavus Foot Deformity with inability to walk without grounding heels. Operated with deformity correction by soft tissue surgery. Now walks, runs & is enjoying normal life.

Bilateral flat foot deformity to to ligamentous laxity with oblique talus deformity. Treated conservatively with physiotherapy & SMO splints.

5 year old girl from Nanded developed osteomyelitis with discharging sinus & gap nonunion of radius. Bone infections are devastating!!!. Successfully treated with staged surgeries of infection control ( sequestrectomy with stimulan implantation) followed by stabilization (bone grafting & fixation). No recurrence of infection now & the bone is also growing very well

1 year old girl presented at walking age with difficulty in walking. Treated with modified ponseti protocol . Now she is 8 years with not even traces of sny deformity.

5 Year old boy with CTEV walking literally on the dorsal aspect of foot. Treated with differential distraction by JESS fixator. Now walks with plantegrade feet.

5 year old girl suffered brachial plexus palsy at birth during difficult delivery. Had restricted abduction & external rotation. She was treated with anterior release with transfer of conjoint tendon of Lattisimus Dorsi to infraspinatous restoring the abduction & external rotation

Nutritional Rickets is a metabolic condition due to vitamin D deficiency due to lack of sunlight exposure resulting in softening of bones & subsequent deformities. Treated with Vit D supplementation & metabolic correction.

Torticollis happens due to birth trauma to sternocleidomastoid muscle (SCM) causing fibrosis & shortening. Neck starts tilting & results in irreversible changes in face & spine. Operated with bipolar releae of the SCM & deformity correction

Usually a congenital condition detected as the child grows older with inability to extend the thumb. (Thumbs Up negative sign). Treated with release of A1 pulley near MCP joint. No scar technique

Club foot is the commonest congenital foot deformity. Ponseti treatment is a boon for these kids!!!

A 17-Year-old girl treated at Orange Healthcare for Genu Valgum which was not only affecting her cosmetically but also creating difficulty in walking properly. Treated in two stages with deformity correction by Osteotomy and plating. And we were so delighted to see them when they came to meet today to celebrate her 18th birthday!!!