Understanding Various Aspects Of Bow Legs Treatment

Each child is born with bowlegged legs as they were folded in his mother's womb. Therefore, bow legs in children under the age of 18 months are accepted as normal. The child's legs progressively straighten as he begins to walk. Bow legs, however, are regarded as a physical abnormality if they appear after the child is three years old. Bow legs, also known as genu varum, is a physical malformation that is indicated by the child's lower leg bowing toward his thigh.

A number of diseases can result in bow legs. The physical deformity is typically brought on by faulty bone growth or improperly healed fractures. Bow legs can also result from lead or fluoride poisoning, Blount's disease, or other conditions. Rickets, a disease brought on by a deficiency in vitamin D, can sometimes be the cause of physical deformities.

The parents can identify the physical deformity based on several symptoms. They can know if the child is bowlegged when his knees do not touch while standing with both feet together. Additionally, a child with bow legs can symmetrically bow on both sides of his body. If a child has bow legs and is more than 3 years old, the parents must seek the help of a skilled orthopedic very away.

A skilled pediatric orthopedic can identify bow legs only by looking at the child's knees. Some medical professionals can even identify bow legs by counting the space between a child's two knees while the latter is lying on his back. To determine whether rickets is to blame for the deformity, the orthopedic surgeon also does a blood test. When the bowing is severe or in response to the test results, they may even advise x-rays. However, an x-ray is only advised if the youngster is more than 3 years old.

The seasoned orthopedics monitors the growth of the bow-legged child constantly and observes his knees once in 6 months. Also, they recommend treatment for bowleg only when the child’s condition is extreme. Many orthopedics treat bow legs through special braces, casts, or shoes. Skilled orthopedics also corrects deformity in an adolescent child by performing bow legs surgery. However, the bow legs treatment varies based on the specific condition of each child.

The parents do not have any option to prevent bow legs. Hence, they must avail the assistance of a skilled orthopedic to monitor the child’s condition and prevent his condition from becoming extreme. The orthopedic will further recommend the best way to treat bow legs on time and avoid the chances of developing arthritis in the knees or hips. Also, the parents must choose a skilled and experienced orthopedic to avail modern treatment, and correct the physical deformity with minimal scar and morbidity.

Bow legs cannot be avoided by the parents in any way. Therefore, they must enlist the help of a qualified orthopedic to keep an eye on the child's condition and stop it from getting worse. The orthopedic specialist will also advise on how to treat bow legs effectively early on to reduce the risk of hip or knee arthritis. In order to receive modern treatment and address the physical abnormality with the least amount of scarring and morbidity, the parents must also select a skilled and competent orthopedic.