A flat foot is a special deformity that disturbs the shape of one or both feet of a child. It affects the daily life of the victim. A child suffering from flat feet fails to have a normal arch as other children in a standing position.

Those who suffer from flat feet get troubled even while wearing shoes comfortably. Although, the symptoms of flat feet are different from one individual to another. Many children suffering from this do not show any symptoms, whereas some experience pain.

Reasons behind Flat Feet 

Suffering from Flat feet is common in normal kids and infants. Many children are born with this problem of underdeveloped arches of feet. The arches develop as a child grows. But, many times they fail to get developed even after the child starts to grow. These underdeveloped arches are what cause flat feet. By the way, flat feet can also happen in the case, tendons get weakened due to injury or wear and tear.

Symptoms of Flat Feet

Not every child suffering from flat feet experience pain. But still, there are some exceptional cases in which the children experience severe foot pain, pain in the ankle, or lower leg pain due to flat feet.


Diagnosis of Flat Feet

A professional orthopedic can without difficulty diagnose flat feet via watching the child’s toes from each back and front.

Also, he’ll ask the kid to face on his feet to discover the sort of flat feet. However, the orthopedic suggest imaging exams if the child has to bear pain because of the flat feet. The doctor will diagnose the deformity based totally on X-ray, CT scan, MRI, or ultrasound reports. Hence, the orthopedic diagnose flat feet through each commentary and imaging exam.

Treatment of Flat Feet

Normally, the experienced orthopedic do no longer deal with a flat foot if the kid does not feel pain. But they try to treat flat feet during initial levels with the aid of making the child put on helping footwear, carry out the stretching exercise, and undergo physical remedy. Also, they alleviate the pain skilled employing the child by way of suggesting customized arch helps. The skilled orthopedic deal with flat feet surgically only if the initial remedy fails. They carry out the surgical operation to correct the flat foot and associated hassle.

Getting Recovered from Flat Feet

A toddler affected by flat feet has to wear special footwear which is in a position with feet and additionally they must carry out one-of-a-kind stretching activities for some time. To evaluate the effectiveness of the initial remedy the orthopedic needs to examine and study the flat feet frequently. The orthopedic may also have to make sure that the child will deliver the proper amount of rest to his foot after the surgical operation. However, generally, the doctors do not opt for appearing the surgery and they maintain initial treatment for a long period.