Short Update of Dr. Rajeev Nirawane's successful visit to Dhule and Jalgaon(17-18 Sept.)

The visit started with an auspicious occasion!! “IMA Jalgaon” established in 1954, has the tradition of Ganpati Pranpratisthapana & I was fortunate to participate in the evening aarti hosted by the Orthopaedic Surgeon members team!!

The next day operated a case of lateral condyle humerus fracture with closed reduction & arthrogram technique & fixation with a 4mm CC screw by the percutaneous method. I examined about 52 patients from all over the Jalgaon district & the adjoining draining areas.

Most thrilled & heartening to meet Kiaan who was operated on at Orange Healthcare for septic arthritis & osteomyelitis of the shoulder. When he was just 3 weeks old he got this dreadful condition & his parents were so determined to treat him that they traveled 450KM overnight from Pachora Town to Orange Healthcare & were operated on successfully. At 3 months follow up he was smiling & thanked me for helping him to fight this condition bravely!! Touched to see the tears of Joy & Happiness in parent’s eyes!!!

The next day to Dhule to see about 55 patients from the Dhule district & adjoining districts like Nandurbar. Came across a few partially treated ClubFoot Patients, CP & congenital femur deficiency. And the most satisfying moment was to see Aditi now 10 months who was treated for Clubfoot at the age of 2 months.


Next visit schedule: Dhule 16 Oct/Jalgaon 17 Oct



Patients Treated at Jalgaon & Dhule